Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Are you addicted to masturbation?

Is masturbation a hobby to you?
Do you do it when you are bored?
Do you feel like, "I need to masturbate," the same way an alcoholic feels, "I need a drink"?
If you are single, do you prefer to stay home and masturbate rather than go out and try to build an intimate relationship?
Do you experience masturbation hangover (disoriented, fatigued, and stressed after masturbating)?
Do you wish you could go a week without masturbating?
Do you masturbate to the point of exhaustion?

Need some therapy? Just looking to talk about various topics

You may feel that you want support getting through a particularly difficult time in your life or you may be looking for a deeper exploration of your personal challenges and an opportunity to develop authenticity, improve your relationships and enhance your self-awareness.

Here are some issues that people seek therapy for:
Infidelity; emotional infidelity.
Lack of appreciation
Dating etiquette problems and advice
Trust and broken trust
Sexuality, boredom, divorce
Ineffective communication
Not receiving affection
Sexual addiction
Should you stay or go
Thinking of cheating or cheated on
Alternative lifestyle issues: Gay, bi, fetishes.